cardsMost players are now going for blackjack. But can you win at blackjack?

There are chances of winning although there are no people who have ever won all their blackjack games. Blackjack is a differentiated casino game, which requires different mixture of skills and luck just like all the other popular games.

In this article we are going to provide you with tips that will assist you win your games more often and therefore enjoy playing them. However, they are just tips meaning that they are not a guarantee that you will always win each and every game.

• Never split two tens
If the hand totals the value of 20, it’s an excellent hand. Therefore you should always aim at achieving a 21, but when you have a twenty on your 2 two cards to deal with, there is only a single situation for a dealer to beat you and the situation is a 21. And it can be very hard for a dealer to beat you in such a situation.

• Split two 8s
Whatever the card value, a dealer will be holding on his hand, including an ace, you should split two 8s. The Two 8s can only make a 16 and in blackjack this is a worst hand. And by splitting two 8s you will have gotten a better possibility of getting a single winning hand and also save your money. With your one hand losing and the other one winning, one has to pay the other and therefore you will not lose anything. And if you happen to draw on both hands, you will have made two 18s and not the single 16 which carries a higher winning possibility.

• Never split the two 5s
If you get two fives, you will be having a 10 and therefore the best idea can be to double up and ask for a card. If you choose to split the two fives and then get the two 10s, you will have made 2 bad hands from the good hand while you would have gotten a 20 if you had doubled down.

When do you double down?cards2

• If you get an 11 count, you shouldn’t hesitate in case the dealer displays an ace or a 10.
• If you happen to get a 10 count and the dealer card has either a 9 or less.
• If you happen to have a count of 9 while the dealer’s card has a number between 2 and 8.
• If the dealer happen to have a 5 or 6 and you happen to get a soft 13 or a soft 14.
• If all your cards add up to 9 while the dealer holds a 4, 5 or a 6.
• When a dealer has a number between 3 to 6 and you happen to get the soft 17 and a soft 18.

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